Host Agency

Host has been in the ship agency business since 1923, and they’ve developed a strong reputation for offering REAL solutions and improving efficiency. As agents, they coordinate with many local and international parties for every ship they’re appointed, giving them a worldwide network of relationships throughout the maritime community.

REAL Solutions
Host Agency says, “Your goals are our goals.” By developing a relationship with each supply chain stakeholder, Host agents are aware of customer needs as they develop and change. During each port call, they serve as their customers’ eyes and ears, collecting and communicating data based on their goals and offering REAL solutions when needed. Whether that strategy is prompted by a sudden change in plans or unexpected weather, or if it’s a way they’ve found to make a customer’s port call more efficient, Host agents have the knowledge and experience, and they’re ready to help.

Adding Value
The Host brand of service is easy to recognize in any port. They’re dedicated to meeting customer needs and adding value to the standard appointment. Their motivated team is trained, present, commercially aware, and professional at every level.

  • Trained: Host agents are knowledgeable and safe. They have a thorough training system and carefully-developed operating procedures. They also encourage continuing education courses, technical classes, and certificate programs.
  • Present: From start to finish, every port call is performed personally by a Host agent. They communicate directly with clients and provide leadership on board each vessel.
  • Commercially Aware: Host agents are trained to understand the goals of each party involved in a port call. They also develop unique standard operating procedures to ensure each principal gets the best service, tailored specifically for them.
  • Professional: Host only hires the best. Their agents approach every situation with integrity, always stating the facts and offering REAL solutions when needed.

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