Member Spotlight: Get to Know Emily Black

The Club's New Vice President of Communications


“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs

As we begin to reflect on the past year under our current club leadership – we can appreciate the importance of a dedicated team of people focused on one goal. In the coming weeks, we will celebrate our annual Change of Command ceremony as we bring in a new leadership team dedicated to promoting the maritime industry.

Here is your opportunity to get to know Emily Black, Crewing Manager, TOTE Services, who will assume the role of Vice President Communications in the coming weeks.

Where are you from/hometown? Bedford, New Hampshire

If not Jacksonville, how long have you lived in Jacksonville? 8+ years

Briefly explain your job and major responsibilities: Crewing Manager at TOTE Services, LLC. Working with my wonderful team, we ensure the vessels we manage are filled to a full crew complement within the USCG/International regulatory & customer standards. We work hand & hand with the Seafarer’s International Union (SIU) & American Maritime Officers (AMO) – two major maritime unions providing jobs/careers for thousands of mariners. We pride ourselves on being a family company that really takes care of their crew members.

How long have you worked at your current job? I have worked with TOTE Services for almost three years. I started out as an Supply Quality Engineer (SQE) Manager & transitioned over as the Crewing Manager.

Any prior employment you’d like to share? I actively sailed just shy of 10 years before transitioning shore side. I hold an active Second Mates Unlimited license.  FUN FACT: I once worked as a dinner boat Captain in Hawaii, “Alohhha Ladies & Gentleman!”

If you went to college, where did you go and what was your major/minor/degree? I went to Massachusetts’ Maritime Academy and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Transportation. Go Bucs!

How long have you been a member of the Propeller Club? Three years.

Why did you join the club? I am passionate about sharing knowledge of the maritime industry. I feel like the Propeller Club is a wonderful organization that promotes that knowledge, and not to mention the wonderful magnitude of ways we are able to give back to our community not only within the maritime world but within Jacksonville as well.

What is your favorite Propeller Club event? USCG & CBP Appreciation Dinner. It is an absolute pleasure to see those ones working hard to protect us being properly recognized.

Family/Significant Other/Pets? I have a wonderful family that is extremely close to my heart, but not close in location. I have been blessed with terrific “adopted” local families, in their absence. I have two puppies Lola & Luna.

What is your proudest moment/achievement? Being able to give my degree to my late father. He was my biggest supporter and the one who introduced me to the maritime life. I am forever grateful, and proud to continue his passion for the industry & community.

What is something unique about you that you’d like to share…hobby/hidden talent/award? I am also an active member of the Women Offshore community. An organization and resource center supporting a diverse workforce on the water. I have been honored to be a panelist at this July’s conference in Houston.