Capt. John Redman, 2018-2019 Propeller Club Member of the Year

Pictured above from left: President Ed Coppedge, Capt. John Redman and Vice President Lindsey Brock. 

At the annual Maritime Day Celebration, the Propeller Club – Port of Jacksonville announced Captain John Redman as the 2018-2019 Propeller Club Member of the year.

A long-time member of the club, Capt. Redman has served the organization in a number of roles most recently as the Chairman of the Membership Committee. He consistently exceeds the membership goals each year, and has created the club’s membership data base that helps to keep membership renewals up year after year.

Through Capt. Redman’s leadership, Keiser University is now the second Student Port at the Port of Jacksonville, along with the University of North Florida.  Through his leadership the students at Keiser University are very active within the club and provided support at the club events.

Propeller Club President Ed Coppedge described Capt. Redman saying, “he exhibits a passion for the maritime industry and is dependable and knowledgeable.” For all of these reasons and more, the Board proudly honors Captain John Redman as our Club Member of the Year.