Member Spotlight: Get to Know Jim Wagstaff

We’re continuing to feature members of our club. If you’d like to be featured, please send a note to Jennifer Kifer, VP of Communications, at This month, get to know Jim Wagstaff, TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico LLC.

Propeller Club Member: Jim Wagstaff
Company Name: TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico LLC
Title: VP Operations

Where are you from/hometown?
Sulphur, Louisiana

If not Jacksonville, how long have you lived in Jacksonville? 
Since 1987

Briefly explain your job and major responsibilities:
I have the honor to lead the land based operations group at Tote Maritime as the VP of Operations.  I oversee and lead the Terminal Operations, Equipment, Inland, and Risk Management.

How long have you worked at your current job?
6 Years

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Watching people grow in responsibility and confidence in themselves.

Any prior employment you’d like to share?
I worked in the Carrier Transicold Network and was the 8th person in the world to pass the Master Refrigeration Technician program.  I have had the opportunity to work at the rail, ocean terminals, vessels, and on airplanes.

If you went to college, where did you go and what was your major/minor/degree?
Technical Training at FSCJ and numerous leadership programs at UNF, Columbia, and Harvard schools of business

How long have you been a member of the Propeller Club?
This is my First Year as a member.

Why did you join the club? Please also include your favorite thing about the Propeller Club.
I have participated in many of the events as a guest, but felt as an executive of the organization, it was time to join the club to be able to put my finger on the pulse of the industry by being around the professionals involved with the club.

Family/Significant Other/Pets?
Susan (wife), Allison (daugther), and Grayson (son)

What is your proudest moment/achievement?
Personally, children graduating from College; Professionally, being chosen to be one of the executives of Tote Maritime Puerto Rico

What is something unique about you that you’d like to share…hobby/hidden talent/award?
If I’m not at work, I’m typically traveling to another hunting adventure.  No real hidden talents; just a regular guy that loves the Lord, his country, the outdoors, and will be eternally grateful for the men and women that serve in the military.

Anything else you’d like members of the club to know about you? 
I’m very proud to have played a part in the “LNG” revolution in Jacksonville.