Student Port Member of the Year 2016 – Ana Mendez

Ana Mendez is a Transportation and logistics major in her senior year at UNF. Her parents emigrated from Venezuela, immigrating to the US 2 years before she was born. She spent most of her early years far north of Jacksonville in Rochester Minnesota and other northern states due to her father’s career with Mayo. Her family moved to Jacksonville in 2001 thanks to the Mayo Clinic, and she considers Jacksonville home. She came to UNF right out of high school and is finishing up her degree in Transportation and Logistics December 2016.

Ana is developing a wealth of experience in the maritime industry as a student and young professional. Ana met a Crowley recruiter at the T&L spring banquet 2 years ago and was hired not long after. Fast forward 2 years later, she is working part-time in the Pricing dept. for Puerto Rico while carrying a full course load at UNF.

Ana has been an active member of the Executive Board of the Propeller Club Student Port for 3 years. She is currently the Director of Marketing, and you will often see her with a phone/camera at every event taking as many pictures and videos as possible, capturing all the genuine moments of the Student Port experience!

Ana attended the Intermodal Association of North America Expo in Long Beach, CA in the fall of 2014. She also participated in Big Sea Day 4 weeks ago and got to tour Tote’s brand new ship, Isla Bella, the first LNG powered container ship in the world.

Ana clearly has a passion for the maritime industry and exhibits the qualities of leadership and scholarship that are exemplified in the Propeller Club Student Port Member of the Year Award.

Congratulations, Ana Mendez!