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Host Agency was founded in 1923 to provide agency and brokerage services to the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. Today the company is known as a leading service provider. Over the years, the company has experienced continuous growth through the expansion of its operations along the U.S. East and Gulf Coasts and into Colombia, South America. With this expansion, Host Agency continues to strive for the highest level of service with an experienced and knowledgeable team of more than 150 members in 15 locations.

Host Agency provides clients with an expanded services package that includes not only traditional ship agency services, but freight forwarding, documentation reporting, cargo supervision, logistical support, ship representation, and transportation consulting. Host Terminals, Inc., under the umbrella of T. Parker Host, Inc., currently serves clients as terminal operators and stevedores in 10 U.S. locations.

Over the last 90 years, Host has built relationships with principals, operators, ports, vendors, and government agencies, the benefits of which we share with our clients. Our professional, commercially-minded teams understand business and use our knowledge of commodities, vessel operations, terminal operations and relationships to produce results in a safe and efficient manner.

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