• Letter from the President – Dec 2015

    Tis the Season! I first want to thank you for an excellent start to our 2015-2016 year! We’ve had five successful events thus far with many more excellent networking activities planned.

  • Propeller Club & Student Port complete Holiday Drive 2015

    For the 14th year in a row, the Student Port at the University of North Florida and the Propeller Club of Jacksonville partnered to make the holidays happier for residents of Hubbard House, the oldest domestic violence shelter in the state of Florida.

  • Meet Steven Garcia – Propeller Club Scholarship Recipient

    University of North Florida (UNF) Senior Steven Garcia has been the recipient of the Propeller Club of the United States – Port of Jacksonville scholarship for the last two years. Congratulations, Steven! Here is more info about his studies and his leadership:

  • El Faro Family Relief Fund

    Over the last week, TOTE has received countless requests from individuals, mariners, customers, and communities all over the country asking how they support the families of the El Faro crew.

  • Oct. 9 letter from Club President Virginia Bailey re: El Faro

    Dear Members and Friends,
    This week our city suffered a tragic loss. The crew of the El Faro served our community and Puerto Rico, and now it is our time to honor their contributions and their families and friends.

    As the needs of the families are provided, we will begin to explore the various ways we can assist, and we will share that info with you.

  • Letter from Club President Virginia Bailey re: El Faro

    Dearest Members & Friends:

    As we all learned Friday, the El Faro, a Jacksonville based vessel, has been missing at sea since this past Thursday morning. I know you, along with your fellow colleagues, friends and family are sending our most heartfelt prayers and positive thoughts to the Captain, officers and crew.